Today I put on my favorite pants to wear to work: these pinkish-beige pants that practically feel like pajamas. They have a zipper in the back and a little hook.

And guess what happened during my bathroom break…

Yep, the zipper would not zip up! I spent a good five minutes in that stall trying to get it to zip, and still it wouldn’t close. I couldn’t even get the hook to close, either. At that point I started freaking out because I didn’t have my phone with me, so I wouldn’t be able to call my coworkers for help.

That’s when I realized that the zipper was sticking out through a little rip in the back of my pants. Once I pushed it back through, I spent a few more minutes getting it to zip, but I was successful!

Luckily the rip was very small, and pretty much unnoticeable once the pants were zipped. I spent the whole day worried that the whole seam would somehow unravel, though.

Top: Goodwill

Pants: Forever 21 (a few years old)

Watch: Vintage Michael Jordi (birthday gift!) Honestly one of my fave pieces ever, it has little cows on the gold part!

Bag: $4 tote from Forever 21

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