Okay, so I’m kind of obsessed with vests right now. Every time I’m at the thrift store I go a little super crazy and pick up anything that remotely resembles one. Luckily, I have my grandma and mom to call me out on my habit, so I haven’t amassed a huge collection just yet. Here they are, in all their 90’s glory:

Vest #1:


     I found this vest within two minutes of walking into the thrift store. “It’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!” I told anyone who would listen to me. My grandma begs to differ. My favorite things about it are the black detailing, and the adjustable button tabs on the back that give it more structure. I like pairing it with a striped top and a pair of high waisted jeans.
Vest #2:
     I bought this knit vest as a gift for my grandma. You see, we have similar tastes when it comes to clothing, and we always pick up the exact same items. She was under the impression that I had bought the vest for myself, so that made it an even bigger surprise. However, when I complained that I didn’t have anything to wear for New Year’s Eve, she whipped this out. In typical abuela fashion, she gifted it right back to me. I wore it with a black sleeveless turtle neck, black trousers, and metallic flats.
Vest #3:
     This one technically isn’t mine (it’s my mom’s) but it’s definitely my favorite out of the bunch. It’s made out of acrylic and wool, so it actually gets pretty warm. I really like the furry look in the front, and from certain angles it can pass for a stole. I’m hoping for the day that my mom says I can have it. *cries*

The best part about these vests is, I can wear them in Miami’s weather without looking totally ridiculous.

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